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Area "A"  10x10   $75.00      10x20    $140.00

Area "B"  10x10   $45.00      10x20    $70.00

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Because we have much more room than last year due to our new venue,  we are able to reduce the fees for vendor spots and also open up to all vendors, not just animal related like last year.  Keep in mind that the outdoor concert is free to everyone.

SPECIAL NOTE: This event is totally non-profit and all sponsor/vendor funds go towards the operation and advertising of the event. Everyone on the team, including the primary organizer are volunteers. All vendor/sponsor checks and other pre event payments go through our host non-profit, the Animal Welfare League of Charlotte County (a 501 (C) 3) and will be used exclusively for this festival.  In addition, all funds from the Silent Auction will go to the non-profit that provides the items auctioned off and will not be used for the operation/advertising of the event.

​Sponsor, Vendor & Advertising Information

​This is what the event is all about. Getting people to show up and visit with the animals and hopefully take one home with them. Everything we are doing is for this single goal and you as a non-profit are invited to participate at no charge. All non-profit animal groups will be together in the Adopt-A-Thon area with last years participants given space priority.  Non animal groups may still be able to participate but may be in another area. All remaining spots will require a 10x10 tent/canopy. With all the extra room we will have compared to last year we are sure to have room for many more organizations so please contact us using the above "contact" link.

Sponsor Pricing

​​​​​​​​​​​Title Sponsor  (N/A)

Adopt-A-Thon Sponsor (N/A)

​Concert Sponsor (N/A)            ​​

Volunteer Shirt Sponsor (NA)

Disc-Connected K9's

​Frisbee Show  (NA)

Doggie Fun Zone Sponsor             $1600.00

Sponsor gets an exclusive banner at the Fun Zone track plus an oversized

vendor spot, 1/2 page inside ad and logo on program cover,  logo on entry

banner, web site, front of program, TV commercial, and all print ads


Silver Sponsor (Available)               $145.00

Includes 1/4 page full color program ad and logo in all print advertising

TV, Newspaper, Program Cover & Digital Media)    

Bronze (Available)                           $95.00

Includes two column inch full color ad in program and logo in all digital media    

Non-Profit Pet or Animal Related Groups

Vendors are required to provide 10x10 tent/canopy

If you love to help animals and can spend a day with us, we could use your help. But please do not click here unless you are prepared to commit your time. Think it over first, it really hurts us when people say they will be there but then can't make it. 

2016  2nd Annual

October 29, 2016   Charlotte County Fairgrounds​

1/4  Page full color ad   $75.00​​

Last years event program.

Remember, this year we

are at a new venue