Dr. Schnipit is a fictional character we  invented that uses humor to educate you about the benefits  of  Spay & Neutering, both homeless pets and pets that are part of your family

Bam! A year-and-a-half just like that is added to your life, what do you do? Everything possible, right, heck yeah! Well, that's what we’re doing for our pets when we spay and neuter them. That’s right, we give them a longer, healthier life. An intact dog lives an average of 7.9 years, a “fixed” dog lives an average of 9.4 years, (ScienceDaily). It’s an extra 10 dog years, that’s a lifetime.

In that same year-and-a-half, one female dog can have up to three litters of puppies, that’s 30 puppies, now you have a Kindergarten class! According to the 2017-2018 National Pet owner survey, conducted by the American Pet Products Association, (APPA), 68% of American households, that’s 85 million families, are pet owners. We own 94.2 million cats and 89.7 million dogs! Think that’s a lot? Let’s look at 1345.5 million puppies, million! That’s jaw-dropping! In a year-and-a-half, this is how many puppies alone could possibly be born, from our pets alone. Add strays, and we have the animals taking over our country. Who’s wearing the Milk-Bone shorts, now? This alone screams to have our pets spayed and neutered. (You can pick up your jaw now.)

Our pets will live healthier lives on top of longer lives just by spaying and neutering them. Testicular cancer risk eliminated, who wouldn’t want that? Ovarian and uterine cancer risk reduced or eliminated, also. We need to jump on that. Compare the cost of just one cancer treatment, to the cost of spay and neutering. It’s pennies on the dollar, sometimes it’s pennies on the fifty cent piece.​

(Dr. Olson, Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine) reports intact female dogs are seven times higher risk of developing mammary tumors, than females sterilized at a young age. Did you know 50% of tumors found in dogs, and 90% of the tumors found in cats are malignant? For cats, that is so sad. (dognaturall) (Laura J Sandborn M.S.) Here’s another benefit, it nearly eliminates the risk of pyometra. This affects 23% of intact females, and is something we can change! All these risk our pets face, we do it for our humans, we do it for ourselves, we need to do it for our furry friends. So, let’s go help our babies.

They will show you they appreciate it! Their behavior will calm down, testosterone driven aggression is reduced or eliminated. Ralph won’t want to attack your neighbors pooch now! Makes fir a peaceful community for our pets. For my girl, it was like she matured, still very playful, and so much more affectionate. Results show, 74% of male dog behavior improvement, after neutering. (Heidelberg and Unshelm, publish 1990) well, I’m not sure about you, but I call that results! Our pets will have less aggression, less spread of disease, less injury, and most important less death. Those walks will also become much more enjoyable for both of you.

What a better way is there? Giving our pets longer, healthier lives, and receiving a better behaved pooch, yes that’s a win-win for our pets, our families, as well our communities. It is drastically cheaper than treating cancer, financially, physically, and emotionally. Eliminating infection and cancers is a reward in itself, plus, another year-and-a-half with them, so exciting! There are local shelters who can help with your pets, local vets, and some charities to also help. It’s not time consuming or expensive. It’s time to help our pets, spay neuter yours today.

By Gina Kay.

2 = 2,000,000 in just 8 years

By Glenda Sparnroft

By D. Andrew Ross

How to start your own feral cat TNR  (Trap-Neuter-Return) group

Only you can prevent Pet Hanky Panky

Eight years. It’s not an eternity but it is a decent chunk of time. It’s a two-term presidency. It’s the amount of time it can take you to get your undergrad, law degree and pass the bar. For a large number of us that’s how many years it took for us to figure out that Santa Clause and the Tooth fairy just aren’t real.  (If you didn’t know those facts, spoiler alert, neither is the Easter Bunny!) But take a pair of dogs or a pair of cats who are neither spayed nor neutered, and do you know what they can do in 8 years? Produce two million offspring. Yeah, that’s right, two million. If a pair of cats or dogs is left unaltered and reproduce and then their offspring also remain unaltered and then they also reproduce and so on and so forth for 8 years, what you have are 2 million animals. It’s true. Look it up for yourself. I did. And I did so because I thought that figure was a massive exaggeration, but it’s not.

                Spaying or neutering your pet is actually one of the most compassionate acts you can do for your furry friend. If left unaltered there is a very good likelihood he or she will try to reproduce (it is, after all, a biological imperative in the brains of all animals) and all it takes is one unaltered stray to start the whole cycle. We can only achieve a standard of “no kill” animal shelters as long as the pet population remains under control. Unless your animal is bred to be bred, every pet owner is responsible for helping to keep the animal population down by spaying or neutering his or her pet. It’s just part of being a good member of your community.

                Let’s treat our best friends like our best friends. Just like you would take the keys away from a friend who you knew was too drunk to drive because you knew that not allowing them to drive is the right thing and in their best interest, do the right thing for your pet because it is the right thing. It helps you, your community, and the animal population as a whole. Spay or neuter your pet. That way you can have time to think about other things like spaying or neutering your significant other because they forgot to take out the trash… again.

You see them around backyards, vacant lots, dumpsters and public parking places…feral/free roaming cats…or Community Cats, as they are now called, are everywhere. Not thru any fault of their own, but thru the fault of someone who, at some point, chose not spay and neuter their pets. So what do you do when you see these sorrowful, hungry, street kitties?...why you decide to feed them to make their life better, of course!

The feral cats enjoy the abundance of food and that works quite well for a few months until suddenly you are inundated with kittens…..lots and lots of kittens! So now, after much scrambling to catch the evasive cute little furry creatures, you try to give them a better life by finding caring, loving people to adopt them….and all is well until… it starts all over again! 
Click HERE and learn how to start your own TNR group.

​For Healthy Sake

Dr Schnipit is here to introduce his new award winning (ADDY 2018) PSA commercial promoting Spay & Neutering while using humor. We are making this PSA available free (including your logo) to any broadcaster that supports our cause. If your broadcast station would like a personalized HD copy please contact us through the contact link above. Dr Schnipit is a fictional media character created by Producer/Director Ken Koch and Writer/Actor J.J Crowne with animation by Erik Vanderhagen, Sound by Travis Datema with Randy Pleasant as our Key Grip.